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Australia Adelaide Sir Walter Watson Hugues


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On the above picture you can see a monument of Sir Walter Watson Hughes in front of the University of Adelaide. Sir Hughes was born in Scotland in August 1803. Walter was the son of Thomas Hughes and Eliza, born Anderson. Walter Hughes was a mine owner, a pastoralist and also a public benefactor. Sir Hughes arrived in Adelaide in 1840. In September 1841 Walter married Sophia, daughter of James Henry Richman a pastoralist and solicitor. Walter Hughes owned big properties and he also planted the first Riesling Vines at Springvale.  In the early 1860s, he created at Springvale the Hughes Park Station and also bought Gum Creek In 1872 he also bought Lake Albert and Peninsula estate. Sir Hughes was also the owner of Torrens Park which he sold to Robert Barr Smith. Sir Hughes made a donation of 20.000 pounds to the council of the Union College and they decided instead of using it for the college to build the University. Therefore he is known as the “Father of the University”. Sir Hughes returned back to England 1873. He was sick for a long period and finally passed away in 1887.



Adelaide Sir Walter Watson Hugues




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