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Australia Map - Map Of Australia


Map Of Australia - Australia Map

Here is a map of Australia where you can find some of the main cities and towns. Australia is the 5th country in the world as size and the smallest continent. Is also the driest continent, containing more desert than any other one: two third. As it can be seen on the Australia map, the relief forms are not present: there are no big rivers and the mountains are low. The higher Australian top, the Koscinko top from the Australian Alps, from the border between South Wales and Victoria has a height of only 2.228 metres, more than a half of the Mont Blanc’s height. Australia is divided in 6 states and more territories, the most important being NT (the Northern Territory) and ACT (the Australian Capital Territory). The last mentioned is a relatively small area, in which the state’s capital, Canberra, is situated.



The South-West part is fully occupied by the Namadgi National Park. Canberra is situated in the North of the territory at 300 kilometres West of Sydney and 650 kilometres North-East of Melbourne. The city is on an artificial lake called Burley Griffin.

The Australian Capital Territory is situated close to the beautiful Snowy Mountains. The Northern Territory is in the Australia’s far North, its emblem being the Uluru Rock or the Ayers Rock. The New South Wales is situated in the East part of Australia and is the place in which the biggest city on the continent, Sydney, is situated. Queensland is the second state of Australia, as size and is situated in the North-East part. In the South Australia are: the Clare Valley, the Barossa Valley, Adelaide and the Kangaroo Island. In this state are ones of the best vineyards in the world, the famous being the Barbarossa Valley. Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia, situated on the homonym island, separated of continent by the Bass Strait;Hobart is the capital.

Australia Map

Australia is situated in the Pacific Ocean.


The Capital city of Australia is Canberra.


Total area is 7,686,850 square km.


Land area is 7,617,930 square km.


Population is over 20 million


The largest cities are Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.



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